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Square Carrots Mobile Units
Square Carrots Mobile Units
The Mobile Dental Unit was introduced in 2009 by Square Carrots. In 11 years, we have left many footprints from Kathu in the Northern Cape in South Africa to Vale in Northern Mozambique to Orapa in Botswana and the Northern Provinces of South Africa. We travelled the Low-veld and the High-veld. We managed to inspire many people by our venture and made sure that all was captured by the media to inspire even more people. The project helped over 16 000 children over the last 11 years. We cared for people of all ages from pre-school to the elderly. We experienced many cultures over many borders and met wonderful people.

Mobile dental care is a unique concept whereby a travelling dental surgery can reach any community no matter how remote. It has been designed to give people access to dental care that does not have these services available to them. Any dental procedure can be performed in our modern surgery with up to date sterilization techniques. The vehicle which houses the surgery is a three-ton Isuzu truck with attached “horse box”.

Our primary areas of operation will be primary schools, due to the high incidence of dental caries previously recorded. It is important to cultivate good oral hygiene practices from an early age to ensure preventative rather than curative dentistry. We recorded caries rate of between 70% and 90% amongst primary school pupils.

Aim of Proposed Project:
The aim of the project would be to provide a continuous dental service to poor and rural communities and it is proposed that these communities are visited on a regular rotational basis.
The concept of a Mobile Dental Unit was implemented and successful in the harsh rural environment of Southern Africa. This means it can be duplicated anywhere in the world. Poor and rural people of all races will benefit from such an initiative. Square Carrots also allow the branding of the unit to benefit the sponsor.
What do we do for the beneficiaries?
The unit is spacious enough to house 3-5 people while procedures are carried out.
Procedures that can be performed in the mobile surgery are:
• Polish and scaling (cleaning teeth)
• Dental extractions (basic and surgical)
• Dental Hygiene education.
• Pain Relieve.
The reasons for the alarming high statistics of bad oral hygiene:
• Lack of oral hygiene education
• Poor dietary education
• A sucrose rich diet
• Absence of dental care necessities (toothbrush and toothpaste)
• Lack of access to dental care
• Affordability of dental care
As a case study Square Carrots would like to show a small portion of the work done by Garmin SA on the field of Employment Equity, Skills Development, Business Development and also Corporate Responsibility.  |
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